Rites of Reconstruction

by Lies Beneath

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released March 14, 2014

Engineered and mixed by Stacy O'Dell in Brooklyn, NY
Mastered by Paul Logas at Taloowa Inc. Original artwork by ForesTofgotham. Layout by Mac Cauley.


all rights reserved



Lies Beneath New York, New York

Take a look at yourself through the eyes of the world. What will you be when all else is gone; when there's nothing left to lose, when there's no one left to kill?


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Track Name: Rites of Reconstruction
Mark my words, the collection will astound you
Once the notches exceed the club
Stop and gaze at what remains around
We’ll figure out the score, reflect upon the outcome
The ranks will begin to grow, supporters will make themselves known
To all those who oppose, our sympathies are yours

Return to innocence before the sun sets
On all that we know, all that we think that we have and deserve
And all of this world, known or unknown
Merely a moment in time

Mark my words, the deconstruction will relieve you
Of any choice you ever had
That is if you believe you ever had a choice

Wisdom, virtue, honor, long since gone

Of a house that once stood tall, all that’s left behind
Smoking ash and mortar, now sever ties
From that in which you once found truth and comfort
Could this have been avoided? We’ll never know
We must relinquish our sense of entitlement
Before we can begin to reconstruct what we’ve lost

Now take all that you can, before the dogs return again
To circle the grounds, make sure that you’re firmly in line within the guise
For nothing you’ve known is forged from the essence
Of that from which we all derive
Hear my cries, the lament of a broken tribe
As my hand reaches out from across the divide

Without wisdom, virtue, honor, who’s your god now?
Darkness, weakness, absence, clouding your vision
But it can’t be all we have left; no it can’t be all we have
This last shred of life, is it all we’re clinging onto?
I won’t believe there’s nothing left to lose
This all seems so familiar
Somehow I know that it’s worth clinging onto

This is not the end
You’d better mark my words
You must be your own god now
Track Name: Into the Nightmare
Wake to find that it's followed you
Back from the other side of the river
Now it knows the way and
Next time it may not be alone

Deep in innocent slumber, you crossed unknown terrain
Like a child in a labyrinth, something must guide you back if you do not know the way

Through the darkness
Sailing blindly
Into the nightmare
And it's followed you home

Now your eyes have seen
What most can only hope to dream
But will it save you, or destroy us all?

Letting go of your body, suddenly you found a way to slip through
You would never have taken that daunting first step if you'd known what awaited you

You found yourself upon the doorstep of somewhere you do not belong
You've not yet earned your passage, you begin to realize something's wrong
You can't seem to shake that feeling that somehow you're never quite alone
That sickening unearthly presence, these demons have now been tied to you

You've found... found a way... to pay the ferryman's toll
You've seen the distant shore through the eyes
Through the eyes of the crow

Without the weight of a heavy heart
Reality begins to fall apart
You've waited years to find your way
Seduced by dreams of bending time and space

Time and space
You've found a way to pay the ferryman's toll

Wake to find that it's followed you
Back from the other side of the river
Now it knows the way and
This time it's not alone

What you thought would be heaven is now hell on earth
Track Name: Go Bomb a Country
Hate driven by hate; without reason, without end
Pain on top of pain; damage that may not mend

The day will come when we will sing of distant past
Through visions we have seen what may become our future
If we could only stop feeding ourselves on hatred
We may discover that there’s more to life than death

Deep within all of us there rings a sacred sound
It beckons all of us to discover common ground
Our world is changing, if that makes you see red
Then hey, why don’t you just go bomb a country?

Evolve or be left behind

A man who looks newsworthy told me just the other day
We’re under attack again somewhere, somehow, so bombs away
Outsider, outsider, he comes to take your life!
What’s worse he doesn’t look or speak or live or pray like you
But still he prays, despite your hate
He prays for you and the rest of the world
If you don’t like it, then why don’t you just go bomb a country?

Look in my eyes, what do you see?
Nothing more than the insurmountable face of your enemy
Take a look at yourself through the eyes of the world
What will you be when all else is gone?
When there’s nothing left to lose
When there’s no one left to kill, take a look at yourself

Time is running out, ticking away, like a fuse burning down
Your fate will circle around, chase you down, seeking you out
When there’s nothing left to lose
When there’s no one left to kill
Look at yourself and see death looking back at you

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